What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a fun and exciting way to meet like minded people searching for similar things

Whether it be mates for dates romance companionship or just a great night out

It’s an experience you are guaranteed to never forget

How many dates will they be?

You will go on several three minute dates in one evening The amount of dates depends on the size of the venue They will usually be ten or more per event with a break halfway through

Only three minutes per date?

Three minutes is plenty of time to notice a connection with the current partner but not too long to keep talking if you just don’t click Remember it is supposed to be fun

How long does a luv2connect speed dating event last?

It will take a couple of hours to get around everyone including the break but it depends on the amount of dates taking place at that particular event There is also the possibility that some daters might want to stay on after the event for drinks and to mingle

What type of people will be there?

A luv2connect event is aimed at different groups of individuals – so the people at the event you choose will be likeminded people of a similar age not finding the right spark within their work or social circles

Should I come alone or can I bring a friend?

More men than women attend luv2connect speed dating events on their own but participants are more than welcome to bring a friend Our events are fun and friendly Held in stylish relaxed environments and we want all our guests to feel comfortable Let us know if you feel uncomfortable or too nervous to arrive on your own we will arrange for you to meet up 30 mins or so beforehand with other daters of the same sex who feel the same

How does it work?

When you arrive at the venue the luv2connect host will explain the speed dating process and answer any questions before the event starts You will then be given a nametag – connect card and a pen Then the fun begins The women will stay seated and the men will move from table to table when the whistle blows After each date both participants must tick their connect card as this confirms they would luv2connect with that certain individual You can also make a note of whether you would like to see that person again on your connect card At the end of the evening all the connect cards are collected by the luv2connect hosts to collate matches

How are matches made and how will I know?

Matches are made when two participants have ticked on their connect card that they would like to see each other again The host then passes on the contact details to both parties so they can follow up You will usually be informed whether you made any connections within 24 to 36 hours after the event